Wedding is a beautiful thing, a thing between two lovely hearts coming together as one. And with how well I know this two I know they are going to be great together…


Starting with the bride she is a beautiful kind hearted loving respectful caring lady and not to say much ii believe she is going to make a wonderful wife and mother to triplets….

The groom hmmm. He is a good handsome caring Godfearing resourceful productive and funny man. Tell me how a wonderful union won’t come out of this.

To crown it all up I wish them the very best in life and the grace to scale through all challenges they will face in the course of their union and of course the energy to take care of those forth coming triplets…. God bless your union ifekitan God bless us all and God bless Nigeria. Thank you…


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It Being a Month Plus Seen I Post last

…and I’m still single, I haven’t grown any taller, I haven’t learnt how to sing, and how to face crowd, I haven’t gone on a vacation, and am always with my family(happy), wonders has happened,My Brother is getting married,Samuel dammy has gotten admision, my sis is coming home, I still don’t own a pit bull, a german shepherd, or a Siberian husky ;( I have new friends, I still haven’t made my first million euros yet.. blah blah.


You might never have guessed that this guy was about to give Eminem other quick-spitter type lyricists a run their money before you pressed play on this dope video, that their was anyone out there trying to give Marshall Mathers a run for his money.

Well, think again, because although Slim might have reputation for coming to the scene equipped with a more than plentiful vocabulary and a highly respected reputation, this guy, who goes by the name of Dirty Dike is coming thru with the juice and has some pretty original verses to spit at you.

Take a listen too see what you think of the skills Dirty Dike is bringing to the mic and drop a comment to let the squad know if you think that this artist has what it takes to take over first place!

Will His Flow Own Up To The legend’s?


 Talk About Bars On The Beat! Check It Out:

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Davido Signs First Female Artist, Lola Rae

Pop singer, Davido has signed Afro Singer, Lola Rae, as the first female artist in his record label, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW).

A happy Davido took to his Twitter handle to share the news.

He wrote: “LOLA RAE WELCOME TO DMW!!!!! 1ST LADY!!!!”

Lola Rae is the latest addition to the DMW crew consisting; Dremo, Mayorkun, Ichaba and more recently, Dammy Krane was also signed under the imprint, DMW.

Davido who also signed a deal with Sony Music earlier this year, floated his new imprint, DMW, to cater for his personal business away from HKN Music, a label he also co-own with his cousins, B-red and Sina Rambo.

Yoruba Movie Star:- Odunlade Adekola vs Femi Adebayo – Who Do You Prefer?

Nollywood top stars Odunlade Adekola and Femi Adebayo has been in the movie industry for many years and has bagged several awards respectively. Both movie thespian has paid their dues in the movie industry and are basking in the success of their career.

This issue of the above thespians has generated much discourse and argument among their various fans as to which of them is the best actor.odunlade-adekola

Odunlade Adekola:

The bone of contention has been whether Odunlade is better than Femi? For two years on a stretch, Odunlade has been bagging the best actor award. The Nollywood thespian began his career from Abeokuta with a group called John Babs about 17 years ago was shot into limelight when he featured in late Ahmed Alasari’s movie Asiri Gomina Wa in 2003, and on this he rode.

In 2007, Odunlade was able to prove to Nigerians that he is an actor that cannot be waved aside and in 2009, at the maiden edition of City People Entertainment Awards, he clinched the best actor award which he received again in 2010. As if confirming his acceptance by the viewing populace, Globacom made him one of their brand ambassadors and that explains the touch of green on his outfits.

Odunlade has gone beyond being an actor as he is also a movie producer and a music artist. However, the father of four believes this is his time as he is ready to seize the opportunity and maximize it.


Femi Adebayo:

Born into the family of thespians, Femi Adebayo grew up knowing his father as an actor, so his choosing acting as a career was not a surprise. The only surprise in his own case is the fact that he is a qualified lawyer, practiced law for a while before he dropped the gown and the wig ion pursuit of his movie career.

Femi Adebayo hit limelight when he was very young in Tade Ogidan’s movie, Owoblow. Many have believed that Femi’s sudden rise to fame in the industry can be linked to the fact that his father is a big name in the movie industry which has opened many doors for him.

The argument has therefore been that while the likes of Odunlade were struggling to get a role, all Femi needs was a word from his father to the producer, and he will get a role. Femi candidly agreed sometimes ago to the fact that the name Oga Bello or Adebayo Salami has helped opened so many doors for him, adding that if he is not good at what he does nobody would want to reckon with him even if his father recommends him. In other words, his father’s name did open doors for him sometimes, but did not keep him there but his hard work did.

Another relationship that helped boost Femi’s career was the one he had with fellow law graduate who also found herself in the Yoruba movie industry, Funke Akindele. It was while with Funke that many believed Femi got the break that brought him to limelight.

Aside being an actor, the father of two lovely daughters is also a movie producer while his brother, Tope Adebayo directs his movies.

Odunlade Adekola and Femi Adebayo Receiving An Award

However, Femi Adebayo took over the baton of best actor from Odunlade two years ago as he was also named same year edition of City People Entertainment Awards.

Many believed that Odunlade is more of a spontaneous actor who can take up any role at any given time. He is by nature a hyperactive person and as such very good at roles that entails much activity. Femi Adebayo on the other hand is a cool person that reflects on his role interpretation as the maturity touch is always attached to it.

In recent times, both are trying to showcase their creativity in comedy movies. Odunlade has been known to be a good comic actor; this he started with his role in the movie Beru ba Joba many years back and he has been able to build on it, he has also tried gangster roles and fitted in perfectly. Femi on the other hand is always calm when interpreting roles; he recently tried his hand in a comic role in his movie, Jelili which has fetched him an award.

In relation to education, there are some roles which Femi is better in than Odunlade. Odun is also a good singer as he does all the sound tracks in his movies having grown up in the church. But the ultimate question remains…

Who between these two Do You Prefer?

Drop your Comments.

Question Of The Day:- Who Can Solve This Simple Maths? Adekunle Gold + Simi x Falz Is Equal To What?

Here is a Question for you all

Lets know those who are the true guru in Mathematics and Understand Music also.. lol

See the Question below:-

=> Adekunle Gold + Simi raise to the power of Adekunle Gold x Falz Is Equal To What?

I can bet some people won’t even attempt this Question.. Use and Charge your Brain for Once.

Drop your Answers now!!!

I Refused Osinbajo’s Plea To Support Buhari Because He Jailed My Father – Femi Kuti Says

Femi Kuti, son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo- Kuti, has said that he didn’t support the present administration during the 2015 general elections because Buhari jailed his father in 1984.

He disclosed that despite the appeal by the Vice- President, Yemi Osinbajo for his support during the last election, he refused outrightly.

He said this while reacting to a fan on twitter who accused him of keeping mute unlike his father when the country is in recession.

The fan @thonynatz said, “The Great one would have done ten albums by now on this callous government.

“You still have strength to sing with this recession you and your clueless brother helped to bring on hapless Nigerians.

“You opened your doors to ”osibande” and your brother tweeted his support for APC and that is why you can’t talk now.

Femi Kuti in his response stressed that he wouldn’t have supported a man who jailed his father.

Naijaloaded recalls that in 1984, during Buhari’s military regime, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, was arrested and jailed for five years on a charge of currency smuggling which Amnesty International said was politically motivated. He was later released after a year and a half following another change of military regime.

Femi said “Vice President Osinbajo came to ask for my support but I refused, told him there was no way I could support a man who jailed my father.

“Never have I placed my support for any political party or politician.

“Those that come to the Shrine know where I stand.

“Thank God the Vice President is still on seat, ask and confirm, I vehemently said ‘NO’. I can’t forget the beatings, wickedness my father suffered while we were growing up.” Femi emphasised.

Finally! Kaffy Replies Dancers Maltreatment Allegations – Says “What More Do You Want

Having heard that a dancer, Micheal Omani and some others blasted Kaffy yesterday for maltreating them whenever they went for show, saying that she deserved whatever Davido did to her, because she does the same to them.

The dance queen has finally replied the allegations from the dancers against her.

Read her reply below:

I really want to use this medium to address the so called maltreatment allegations of dancers that has been in circulation!

It is a pity that it is the same People u fight for with clients for countless hours at meetings . Dancers who mostly get jobs out of the relentless hours of conviction and negotiations not to talk of back and forth that goes on with various deals and clients in order to secure them jobs while they sit at home waiting for a call by we leaders in dance that they are insulting today , in this case am the king pin EVIL QUEEN.

You see it is easy for people to see u on top and wish for your position but they are never ready to take the pain and Sacrifice required to get there. A dancer that started today want to earn the same as people that are more experienced and skillful than him just because they stand side by side at rehearsals grounds.

I am a victim of my Humanity and Humility . It is emotional attachment to want to help as many people as possible that has caused me bigger problems in my life but I can’t change what God is using me for just because of persecution.

They say I pur 50 people in a room 😳without pay . Pls what kind of room is it o and where . When u make allegations pls be ready to defend to the last with proof. Where did this occur?

Which job have u done that I have gotten paid for I repeat that u can prove I have gotten paid for and failed to pay you?

You say I maltreat u when all you do is try to even sabotage jobs that you begged to be part of i made it happen then u stab me in d back.

I don’t condone misconduct around clients because in business customers still have an edge and we have been faced with the most difficult clients and as dance leader are thrown into d storm of protecting our clients and dancers who are to render services at the same time. Do you know how difficult that can be sometimes. Sometimes budgets are reviewed and cut without warning even with the tightest contracts the corruption of our country still subjects us to succumb and try to resolve matter with humility even when d other party is wrong.

Don’t u think am tires of looking bad to dancers because of what I face with defaulting clients ?

If I have never paid you why do you still come to work for me.

Why do u guys betray me and come back to beg over and over and over again and I keep forgiving because I know it’s a phase u going through and for each time u do wrong and come back to beg I take u back against the will of my family and friends.

I have lost my family for dance. I have lost love for dance, I will be sick but work so u a m make money U say am owing u for Calabar am I the carnival commission who didn’t pay .

You are all bunch of ingrates. I have been doing carnival since 2012 till 2015 for every year u got paid except a handful left for 2014 . The same people I called again doe 2015 and the carnival band paid you all promising to remit previous payment as soon as the government sorts them. When payment was delayed for almost 8 months in 2012 but u guys for paid less than 3 months after Did u know where the money came from? My personal funds . Same I did for 2013 and 2014. Till today am still owed . An average dancer gets 5 gigs from me and his owed 1 then I become a thief.

It’s further painful that a lot of u are not even skillfully ready for any job we practically train u on re job giving u knowledge that u use to start ur own thing.

Infact if those of u that have passed through my company ever paid for the knowledge ,u will still be owing me and other choreographers.

You don’t train urself to be better but u want more money. I will even be begging u rehearse.i open my home u come and don’t expect to clean ,wash etc. then u stay rent and utility bill free and I make u money and u still expect me to cook for u? Which still do so we have family time together.from DNMT TO AWANJO FROM DNA TO GGB I have impacted and open doors for u guys to earn a living with or without me. What more do U want ?