Tekno, Ycee, Koker, Simi, Mr Eazi, Mayorkun – Which Of These Artiste Deserves The “NEXT RATED” 2016


So it’s finally here!!! We are getting closer to “HEADIES”, as Nigeria’s biggest and most prestigious award a lot of people are looking forward to

But before then, like we did last year on 316TRENDS will be the first to release our own Headies Next Rated category nominees for 2016. And you know our next rated nominees is always almost the same with Headies’s. *winks*

However Every year, this subject of ‘Next Rated’ has continued to spark controversies in affairs that concern the Nigerian music industry. you remember that as the 2016 year dawned upon us, we witnessed a most dramatic falling out from two most respected labels in an act of folly that was perpetrated by both their leading executives.

We didn’t need to be told that matters like such are taken very personally by these thespians in music especially going by the dastardly effects of that new year happenstance, which was met with very harsh results.

As the year progressed, newer artistes have stormed the industry Some of them have stayed buzzing on the radar, honing their spotlight to very incredibly cataclysmic and impressive relish.

While awards season is finally drawing closer, On 316TRENDS we reveal to you our ‘Potential’ Headies Next Rated nominees so that you can vote who you think should win the next rated Award in 2016.

THE BIG QUESTION NOW IS “Which Of These Artiste Deserves The “NEXT RATED” 2016” ?

Checkout Our List Of Nominees Below:



Who would have thought that we would get to this point when Tekno is recognized by the highest music award on the continent for his contribution to music?

No one. Nobody saw this coming. No one dreamt it. But here we are, and Tekno is killing it. after being in the industry for several years and it seems he is underrated.
A quick look through Google data of the most searched artiste in that category within the past one year will show Tekno being the most sought after all over the world.

However, it is his music that placed him on course to be the MVP of 2016. Last year, Tekno’s ‘Duro’ and ‘Wash’ were more than songs. They became a state of mind in romance, as relationships and marriages depended on the delightful melody, and the nonsensical pleasing lyrics to savour moments. Lines like “Your beauty done make me realise, say NEPA don bring light”, and “If you like to watch movies, na me get Shoprite”, resonated deeply with lovers. Truly, that buzz is yet to die.

2016 has had him fire some more, giving us more hits, as ‘Where’ has achieved acceptance. His second single ‘Pana’ is exploding and spreading like wildfire. The song has caught on in the East, the West are on it, and in street corners and clubs, Pana is making a surge through. all these and more may however form the basis for him to be our ‘Next Rated for 2016’

Mr Eazi

If you know the music scene in Ghana, then the name Mr. Eazi shouldn’t be new. Mr. Eazi who is a Nigerian by the name of Tosin Ajibade has been heating up the country with his hit tracks ‘Bankulize’, ‘Shitor’, ‘Skin tight’, ‘Anointing’ and more grew from singles to features, he become a major force in the underground/upcoming game getting co-signs from EL, Fuse ODG and featuring on Sarkodie’s song – ‘Thank God’, X.O Senavoe’s ‘Fever’ and Stay Jay’s ‘Baby Lace’; adding the Naija flavour they needed to each song.

It is however factual to say Mr Eazi is arguably the most sorted voice in Nigeria in recent times, as such after his announcements the new StarBoy signed act, that to a large extent drew the attention of a lot of Nigeria music lovers, and has in turn led to countless of collaborations with top acts which incudes Reminisce, Burna Boy, illblizz, Terry G, Dj Spinall, Neptunes, to mention but a few, just like wild fire his sound has taken over and made him a lot of people’s favorite and some may want to cast their votes for him as the Next Rated act of 2016.


Ycee is like the candidate of best fit for this crown, considering the fact that he was certified in the preceding title for rookie of the year. Since his coming out that had too much grandiose styled in it, he hasn’t rested half a bit on his oars.

His efforts can be identified in a variety of banging hot singles and features, which he has slayed with skillful precision to the relish of music fans generally and especially, patriots of the hip-hop and rap movement.

Ycee has become a model for diehard and success thirsty young dreamers who aspire to conquer their turfs and terrain just like he has. And as the nominations continue to pour in, it attests to his inputs as well as achievements here and there in music and the industry. Who better deserving, I ask again?


They call him Mr Koker… Mr Do Something! Slowly warming his way into the hearts of music lovers from one of the records housed on MI’s 2014 album was perhaps the best and sweetest maniacal attempt pulled off. Before we knew it, he got us totally reeled in with his official debut right after music label, Choc Boi Nation, had confirmed his signing.

The intriguing thing about Koker is how much his creative person resonates with super star prospects that are hard to miss. It’s why we’ve had him pressed for more despite the fact that he’s gradually living it up. And so with trendy singles, a national dance anthem and that pretty boy face, his is obviously the sound of a victory in lurking.



Simi (Simisola Ogunleye) is the leading voice of the new school of female singers in the country. For those who think she is a newbie in the music industry they should think again.

Simi has captivated millions with her smooth voice and enchanting delivery. She is poised to be one of the biggest stars from Nigeria soon. Today with a slew of hit singles under her belt Simi is a star in the music game and the world cannot wait to hear her debut album.

However we have all witnessed her swift growth lately here by placing herself on that list of artiste who keeps waxing stronger after every single they released and her most recent single ‘Love dont care’ is just one song that have won the heart of many across the shores of the continent which goes to show as a female act in Nigeria there is just so much she has to offer. being the only female on this list definitely speaks in volume of her relevance and announces her stands in the in the Nigerian music scene today… going by this she might just be the one to go home with the crow, what do you think?



Mayorkun burst onto the music scene Bond-style. It was in such unusual fashion and with no warning whatsoever to the shooting star prowess his simple person wields. Quite the rubble-causing entrance it was that saw him break past the threshold limits set for rookie artistes.

First, he was signed to a highly revered music label in the industry, Davido Music Worldwide, which is owned by Nigeria’s top afro pop music sensation, Davido. Next, his official music debut left so much to be desired when he topped charts, garnered multiple scores later equating to millions of downloads and then the accompanying visual for the single had hit the million-views mark barely a week to release.

Of course, there are the questions, there are the doubts, there are even fears but what’s certain is that we haven’t looked back since.



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