Unbelievable! Prof Wole Soyinka Needs Help With This Puzzle As He Bumps Into Akpos

Akpos vs Prof Wole Soyinka (Nobel Laureate and one of Nigeria’s intelligentsia) :
Akpos & Prof Wole Soyinka sitting next to each other on a long flight…
Akpos says, “Let’s play a game… I will ask you a question, if you get the answer correctly, I will reward you with $300 only and if I don’t know the answer, I will pay you $10”
Prof Wole Soyinka says, “You see Akpos, I have no intention at all to obfuscate or envelope you in a state of orgamoga. But son, why’s a raven like a writing desk?
Akpos doesn’t say a word, reaches his pocket, pulls out a $10.
Now, it’s Akpos’ turn…
He asks Prof:
Then I was not in existence but I am indelibly to be even now! No one ever saw me not even my siblings St. Stephen and Dguy, nor ever will. And yet I am the assurance of all the animate beings.

What am I?

Prof Wole Soyinka searches the net and asks all his smart friends…
After one hour he gives Akpos $300. Curious and going nuts, Prof asks, “well son, so

what could be the answer”
Akpos reaches his pocket and gives Prof $10!

The first person to unriddle Akpos’ question to Prof, gets ₦3,000 and if the individual gets the originated source alongside with the puzzle, there will be an addendum of extra ₦2,000, in total, ₦5,000 for grab!

You have just a day to produce the rightful answer(s)


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