Some Funny Nigeria Political Jokes To Make You Laugh Out Loud [Buhari, Osinbajo, Lai..]

Osibanjo: Baba, Olamide of YBNL Said That He runs mainland, should I go and arrest him before he starts something like biafra?

Buhari: Don’t worry, I will handle his case personally.

Buhari: Olamideee, finally we met. Are you the guy that wants to start something like biafra in mainland?

Olamide: No sir, It was a joke.

Buhari: You get luck, DSS for show you wetin fire dey do with rat ear.

Osibanjo: Baba, A pastor just prayed recharge cards into phone?

Buhari: How?

Osibanjo: He prayed and recharge card entered his member’s phone

Buhari: Do they teach that in pastor school?

Osibanjo: No sir.

Buhari: Technically that is stealing, he stole from MTN and others. It is corruption, let me call obj.(on phone)OBJ, I heard that a pastor prayed credit into people’s phone, did something like that happen when you’re president?

OBJ: Nooo, it didn’t happen, pls handle this issue carefully oo, you know that people are criticizing you already. Why not call Jonathan? Many weird things happened when he was in power.

Buhari: Ok, I don’t want that man to corrupt my line but I think I need to call him, thanks for the advice, I will call him and buy a new line afterwards(hangs up, dials GEJ)Hello Jona, have you heard that a pastor prayed recharge card into people’s phones?

GEJ: Yes I have.

Buhari: Is that not corruption?

GEJ: It is called magic, not corruption Mr president.

Buhari: Do you know what magic can do to a broke country? Didn’t you watch Merlin?

GEJ: Magic is not corruption MR president, if you think say nah lie, ask Deziani Ali-(phone clicks)

Buhari: Nonsense, ask Deziani kee, you for tell me to go book appointment with corruption itself. (turns to Osibanjo) pls buy me a new line, this one is corrupt, pls tell the DSS to arrest the Pastor and detain him until all his church members return the looted credit.

Lai Mohamed: Mr president are you on YouTube?

Buhari: No, my Facebook is not working, what is happening on YouTube?

Lai: A PDP pastor just prayed over bottled water and it turned to wine and he sold 10 thousand bottles of it to some members of his church.

Buhari: For how much?

Lai: 2k per bottle.

Buhari: That’s exploitation and corruption. Did he register the wine with NAFDAC?

Lai: No Mr President.

Buhari: Then tell DSS to arrest him immediately for selling fake and unbranded wine to vulnerable Nigerians. I will contact NAFDAC chairman immediately.

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